Amateur Olympia 2020 - Tunisia

IFBB Professional League
Olympia Amateur Tunisia 2020

March 20th
March 21th
Palais des congrès Avenue MED V
Tunis - Tunisia





Travel and VISA


This competition IS OPEN TO ALL ATHLETES AND FEDERATIONS Worldwide. The IFBB PRO LEAGUE TUNISIA would like to inform you that participation in this competition " MR OLYMPIA TUNISIA" is UNLIMITED. The registration of the athlete is personal and does not require any approval from other organizations.
If you cannot bring your own, you will not be able to participate. Also, even if you cannot participate for personal reasons, you will not be able to refund the registration fee.


The Official Athlete Registration will be conducted on: Friday March 20th,2020 – 10:00 am / 6:00 pm. Remember that all athletes will have to provide a receipt of their payment during the registration.


Athletes will be given a wristband at the registra- tion on Friday March 20th, 2020. This wristband has to be worn during your whole stay and will allow you in and out of the venue during the competition. There is a special athlete seating area close to the stage and backstage.
The athletes coach will be given a backstage pass. There will be a limited amount of extra coach passes available at the registration and they can be purchased for 50 €. These passes will allow the official to go in and out of the venue during the competition and will give you access to the the backstage.


EXTRA TAN Team will provide you with a professional tanning service. Please be sure to make your reservation at the registration day, so you will surely get your appointment. Price : 100€ / 110$ / 350 DT


All the photographer and video-maker need to contact us to get their specific pass. -Note for the photographer and video-maker: Silver pass : 500 DT - gold pass : 1000 DT Contact us for more information.